May 2, 2024

Pathways to Power: Partnerships with HBCUs

Ryleigh Jackson

In the heart of St. Louis, amidst the budding blooms of early spring, an event unfolded, marking the commencement of a transformative partnership between Primary Talent Partners, Harris-Stowe State University, and extended workforce platform, Beeline. The occasion, aptly named Pathways to Power: St. Louis Summit for HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) Talent Engagement, epitomized the convergence of potential, possibility, and power.

This landmark event, the official kickoff for the collaboration between Primary Talent Partners, Harris-Stowe, and Beeline, was a unique opportunity for St. Louis business professionals. It was a chance to witness the convergence of potential, possibility, and power and to see the possible when it comes to engaging HBCU talent.

Central to the summit's agenda was the presentation of PrimaryPathways™, a visionary initiative aimed at nurturing and harnessing the talents of students from Harris-Stowe and similar HBCUs. The program seeks to empower students to realize their full potential and embark on meaningful career pathways through strategic mentorship, internship opportunities, and professional development initiatives.

Panel discussion participants, including executives from Primary Talent Partners and Beeline, representatives from Harris-Stowe, and esteemed community leaders, shared their insights and perspectives on the importance of HBCU talent engagement. Their impassioned speeches underscored their unwavering commitment to fostering a more inclusive and equitable workforce where everyone can thrive.

Highlighting the summit were the personal stories of students who have benefited from similar initiatives, offering poignant testimonials of resilience, determination, and success. These narratives served as a powerful reminder of the profound impact that mentorship, support, and access to opportunities can have on shaping the trajectory of young talents' lives.

As the summit drew close, multiple Harris-Stowe undergraduate students were also awarded academic scholarships. Attendees departed with renewed purpose and inspiration. Armed with newfound insights, connections, and a shared vision for the future, they pledged to continue the journey toward empowerment and excellence.

In retrospect, the Pathways to Power: St. Louis Summit for HBCU Talent Engagement is a testament to the transformative potential of partnership, collaboration, and collective action. As Primary Talent Partners, Harris-Stowe and Beeline embark on this journey together, they do so with a steadfast commitment to fostering a future where talent knows no bounds and opportunity abounds for all.

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