November 28, 2023

Empowering Change: How diversIT Scholars Embrace the Social Ecological Model to Give Back This Holiday Season

Ryleigh Jackson

Primary Talent Partners' diversIT Scholars stand at the forefront this holiday season, connecting classroom and community.

These remarkable scholars demonstrate a profound commitment to giving back to their campus and community by leveraging the principles of the social-ecological model - the curricular basis of the diversIT Prep Academy Sessions.

At its core, the social-ecological model serves as a framework that acknowledges the interconnectedness between individuals and their environments. It underscores the idea that change is most effective when it addresses multiple layers of influence: the individual, interpersonal relationships, community, societal structures, and policies.

In addition, diversIT Scholars grasp the value of volunteering. They use their skills and personal experiences to blend academic knowledge with community service, which will stay with them throughout their careers. Students have participated in various activities such as campus cleanups, student move-out days, and D9 community events.

As the world comes together in the spirit of giving, diversIT Scholars exemplify the true essence of social responsibility. Their commitment to the social-ecological model underscores their belief that sustainable change emerges from a comprehensive, multifaceted approach.

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