September 27, 2023

Breakfast & Brainstorm Sessions Create Memorable Experiences at 2023 CWS Summit

Ryleigh Jackson

Primary Talent Partners returned as a Gold Sponsor to Staffing Industry Analysts' 2023 CWS Summit for the second consecutive year.

The PTP team introduced new events to the Summit, which generated exciting strategies and takeaways. During the weekday mornings, PTP collaborated with industry partners to host 'Breakfast & Brainstorm' sessions focused on expanding diversity, equity, and inclusion within CW programs. Read more information about each session below.

Breakfast & Brainstorm Session 1: Attracting and Engaging Underrepresented Talent Through Community Engagement

This session began with attendees networking with industry peers, followed by active participation in a discussion led by Doug Leeby, Beeline CEO, Tinisha Bookhart, IT & Diversity Director at Primary Talent Partners, and Dr. Marcus Burgess, VP of Institutional Advancement at Claflin University.

The panelists discussed how Beeline attracts and engages underrepresented talent with PTP's diversIT and PrimaryPathways™ programs with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). They also explored how organizations could participate in co-branded scholarships and internships with no direct cost.

Breakfast & Brainstorm Session 2: Advancing CW DEI in the New Legal Landscape

In this session, participants had insightful conversations led by Dawn Siler-Nixon, Diversity Partner at FordHarrison, Tinisha Bookhart, IT & Diversity Director at Primary Talent Partners, and James Lucier, Founder of The National DEI Roundtable™.

The talk tracks ranged from navigating the new legal landscape to advancing CW diversity, featuring one of America's foremost DEI attorneys and two SIA DEI Influencers. They also explored the importance of underrepresented talent in today's workforce.

Both events included special appearances from diversIT and PrimaryPathways™ intern Xavier Burrell, who is currently interning with Beeline. Burrell, an Accounting and Finance student at Claflin University, emphasized the level of talent and opportunity present in mid-size and small HBCUs - often overlooked by Fortune 500 companies.

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