March 1, 2022

Backing Diversity In Stem Worker Representation

Primary Talent Partners provides $100,000 scholarship to Claflin University

In order for the United States to maintain global leadership and competitiveness, we must increase involvement of underrepresented minorities in science and engineering. That’s according to the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine.


Primary Talent Partners (PTP) is doing its part. To that end, PTP is pleased to announce a recent investment in our DiversIT Scholars program: a commitment of $100,000 for Claflin University, funding 40 scholarships over the next five years. The objective is to help remove financial barriers that often lead to high attrition rates among Black college students, thus helping increase Black STEM worker representation in companies nationwide.

The Need for Sustained Diversity

According to the Pew Research Center, Black students earn only 7 percent of STEM bachelor’s degrees.

“Study after study demonstrates that Black students leave STEM majors at far higher rates than their white peers,” said Dr. Marcus Burgess, interim vice president for institutional advancement at Claflin University. “The PTP donation, and others like it, help us make concrete changes by facilitating tuition assistance for those who commit to degree completion. Long-term, this means that Claflin University graduates will contribute directly to increased Black representation in the STEM workplace, thanks to PTP’s program.”

Companies are supporting these efforts as they also work to increase the minority talent pool. By supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) who are working to increase Black STEM worker representation, organizations can assure that the pool delivers a steady stream of qualified graduates.


The Claflin Connection

Claflin University is a private HBCU in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Founded in 1869, Claflin has been honored with accolades from US News and World Report for the 11th consecutive year, making prestigious lists such as:

●    Top 10 HBCU in the country

●    Best Undergraduate Computer Science Program

●    7th Best Regional College in the South

… and the list goes on.


“Strengthening PTP’s partnership with Claflin makes sense when you consider the level of talent they’re producing year after year,” said PTP Founder Tinisha Bookhart. “Our clients are anxious to hire more Black STEM workers, and as we watch the success that Claflin has had, we are sure that this infusion will help them expand the number of Black computer scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, and scientists across the board that are entering the workforce. We’re excited to help make this happen.”

Dr. Karina Liles, assistant professor of Computer Science at Claflin University, said the investment will make a significant difference in the lives of the students receiving the DiversIT scholarship. "Every day, we see bright and driven students having to put their career goals on hold because of financial constraints. I look forward to seeing these funds from PTP go to work and having a big impact on diversity in the workplace.”


About our DiversIT Scholars program

PTP founded the DiversIT Scholars program in 2018. It was designed to increase the number of minority candidates in STEM-related fields by offering substantive financial and emotional support to HBCU students enrolled in STEM programs. PTP co-brands these scholarships with clients, furthering the benefit for everyone involved.

Scholarships are funded via a percentage of every hour billed to clients. The funds deliver a number of benefits to STEM students attending HBCUs, including:

●    $2500 scholarships

●    Clothing and housing stipends to remove barriers for meaningful internships in high cost of living locations

●    Mentorship throughout their college career.

“The honor of being a divers-IT scholar has been the best experience within my matriculation,” said AaLeeyah Housey, DiversIT Scholar and 2022 graduate of Claflin University. “The scholarship decreased my financial burden and allowed me to focus on the most important aspect of school: learning.  A big portion of benefit goes far beyond the financial assistance offered. The support and mentorship I received made me a better candidate for jobs than I ever could have imagined. I am deeply appreciative of Primary Talent Partners’ support and how they have helped me get closer to my future success.”

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